Inspiration’s Day Out

Once upon a time, I actually did travel to Japan with my Aunty and Grandmother. However, we did not venture out of the Narita airport and so this mysterious world that I could only observe through the glass was beyond my reach. At that point in my life, I had never seen anything outside of Hawaii.

Eighteen years later, I was so thrilled and honored to have gotten the chance to share the culture of Hawaii in Japan and also to be able to see the world that stretched out beyond the glass for myself. Stepping back into the airport where after all of these years brought back so many fond memories of my Grandmother. It made me happy to be able to travel for myself, something my Grandparents did quite a lot of when they were my age!

Taking those first steps out of the airport was surely the toughest! It was impossible for me to imagine that I would be leaving an airport and walking out into Japan! I think I spent the first day or so in disbelief that I had even gotten chosen to take part in the program. But I am so happy to have gone as it truly changed my entire outlook on Japan.

The entire trip blew by way too quickly as there was so much sights to see and just as much history and information to digest as well. As an aspiring artist, seeing the art work from so long ago still being cherished by so many people from around the world was very inspiring to me. While I am miles away from those who’ve crafted these amazing pieces of art, I cannot help but to share my own abilities and passion in the form of these pieces I’ve drawn myself.

This first drawing is called “Serenity” I had seen this purification fountain at Ishiteji Temple. Looking at it gave me a peaceful feeling.

This second drawing is just called “Asakusa Temple” I found the temple to be very memorable. The architecture and size of the temple looked unique.

The third drawing was a concept that I had so I have named it “Matsuyama ”. It is a view of Matsuyama Castle that I had taken from Matsuyama University, and a view of the bridge from the rest stop.


“Serenity” Medium: Pastels and Charcoal


“Asakusa KannonTemple” Medium – Charcoal, Pastels, and Watercolor


“Matsuyama” Medium – Charcoal Pencil and Pastel

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